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Boy prays for his Mum's killer

This is more a universal Christian rather than a Catholic story. The Melbourne Herald-Sun this morning has a heart rending but uplifting font-page story of a young boy, Ben Jacobs, as he comes to grips with the murder of his mother Vicki (pictured)

Ben, who was six when his mother Vicki Jacobs was shot dead execution-style in their Bendigo home, said he once wanted to become a policeman to solve the murder.

But he said now he prayed for the mother he can just remember - and the person who killed her.

"I just pray that she's up in heaven," Ben said.

"Later, I just pray for the person who did it - that he'd come to Christ.

"I just wanted to catch whoever killed my mum, but I've sort of come to the conclusion that's not possible because the policemen at the moment can't even catch him."

It was also revealed the murdered mum feared for her life and went to great lengths to make plans in the event she was killed.

The paper reports a friend of Mrs Jacobs saying "She wanted lots more for Ben than she had in her life and wanted him to have opportunities. She wanted him to travel and wanted him to be loved and accepted and brought up in a Christian home."

Herald-Sun - Boy prays for his mum's killer

29 Jan 2004