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Qld Catholic Education head "heartened" by response from politicians

The Catholic Leader in Brisbane reports this week that "the Queensland Catholic Education Commission (QCEC) executive director Joe McCorley has been 'heartened' by the response from political parties to its demands in the lead-up to the State election".

The Catholic Leader is carrying two stories regarding the Queensland election that might be of interest to CathNews readers further afield around Australia. Firstly they provide a fairly comprehensive overview of the responses from the various political parties and some insight into why Mr McCorley feels so "heartened".

The paper also carries a report where the Brisbane Archdiocese Catholic Justice and Peace Commission (CJPC) is urging Christians to use Gospel values in deciding how they will vote in the Queensland election on February 7.

Meanwhile, the Sydney Morning Herald reports this morning on new accountability measures the Federal government intends to impose of Catholic and private schools receiving Federal funding. The paper says:

The Federal Government will require every Australian school to produce student reports that detail academic progress in "plain language" as a condition of funding.

The Education Minister, Brendan Nelson, said yesterday: "Parents often say the language that comes in the report card is politically correct, the report will just say the child is 'competent'.

"But you basically want to know if in year 3 your child is struggling and cannot read or write . . . You don't want to be told the hard way, when they're 15 and can't get a job anywhere, that the education system has failed them."

The reports for public and private schools would be among a number of conditions the Federal Government would impose in its next four-year round of school funding.

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29 Jan 2004