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Pope keeping up the pressure with his views

Whatever might be said about the Pope's physical condition, there can be no doubting his continuing commitment by force of media output. Our detailed report tries to give an overview of a number of significant statements in recent days.

The number of comments put out by the Pope each day continues at a blistering pace whatever cut-backs he is making in his schedule.

In the last few days he has affirmed that the commitment to unity amongst the Christian Churches has been one of the priorities of his pontificate. In another address yesterday to visitors from another Polish university he re-emphasised the importance of the dialogue between religion and science – faith and reason.

He has also been addressing the peace issue in numerous addresses over recent days and most particularly yesterday in his meeting with US Vice-President, Dick Cheney. (Also worth looking at are the comments from Cardinal Pio Laghi on Vatican-US relations in the second link below.) On Monday in a blunt exchange with visiting French bishops he discussed the "alarming" lack of vocations in France. Our links below take you to what we consider to be the significant comments on the big agenda issues that seem to be occupying his strategic thinking at the moment. Truthfully though, at the moment, so much material is being published that it is difficult for any media agency to keep up. No other world leader must embrace as diverse an agenda of topics as this man does each day.

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28 Jan 2004