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Rights Agency to sue Cardinal Joos over "gays=perverts" comment

Catholic World News is quoting Reuters in a report that a human rights agency intends to sue Belgian Cardinal, Gustaaf Joos, over his comment last week that gays are perverts. CWN says another Cardinal in Madrid was sued last month.

This is a summary of the CWN report:

On Saturday, the Reuters news service reported that the Center for Equal Opportunities and Struggle against Racism said it would sue the cardinal for violating anti-discrimination laws. "The case was made worse by the fact that the cardinal stood by his comments, not apologizing and repeating them elsewhere in the media and in front of cameras," it said in the statement published on its website (

The Belgian bishops' conference said Cardinal Joos was speaking in a private capacity and that it did not have the power to reprimand the cardinal because he was answerable directly to the Vatican.

Earlier this month, Cardinal Antonio Maria Rouco Varela of Madrid was sued in his native Spain by a homosexual activist group for preaching against homosexuality in a homily on the Feast of the Holy Family.

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28 Jan 2004