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Catholic Ed Commission Head backs public accountability

The executive director of the NSW Catholic Education Commission, Dr Brian Croke, has backed government accountability changes for private schools saying they "should put an end to the misinformed notion that non-government schools are not accountable".

In an article in the SMH this morning, Private schools must toe the line, Dr Croke is responding to new government initiatives that will force private schools to document their daily business - from anti-racism programs to financial accounts and the number of truants - or risk being closed down under State Government legislation.
Dr Croke says: "Registration is a high-stakes process – it gives a school its licence to operate and makes it eligible for government funding. So the Government needs to ensure that community expectations are being met by registration requirements."To receive state funding – $580 million this year – Catholic and independent schools will have to guarantee it is used only for educational purposes.

SMH – Private schools must toe the line

28 Jan 2004