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SJoG clergy too ill for extradition, claims lawyer

The lawyer for three Sydney St John of God members facing extradition to NZ has claimed they are ill and should not face extradition. The 82 y.o. Brother has throat cancer "and has to take morphine every four hours" the lawyer told the court in Sydney.

The priest (56) and the two brothers (68 and 82) are facing prosecution in New Zealand over allegations, some of which go back almost 50 years, related to the trio's time working at Marylands, a school for boys with learning and intellectual disabilities, in Christchurch. The school closed in 1986.
,br>Last month, Mr Greg Walsh, the lawyer representing the men in Sydney, said it was possible the complainants had an ulterior motive in making their allegations after publicity about the St John of God order's $NZ$4.5 million payout on abuse claims in Australia.

The order had published a hotline number in New Zealand and 82 former residents of Marylands came forward and said they had been abused.

Two alleged victims were later prosecuted in Christchurch after admitting they invented claims in a bid to get compensation. One was jailed for a year and the other was sentenced to 200 hours community work.

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23 Jan 2004