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Another Belgian Cardinal raises eyebrows in another direction

Cardinal Gustaaf Joos has come out with some provocative statements about "gays being perverts" in a magazine article. The Belgian bishops have quickly come on the record to say he was giving a personal opinion.

Reuters quotes a spokesman for the Catholic Church in Belgium saying on television that the Cardinal "doesn't speak on behalf of the Belgian bishops. He is not a member of the Belgian conference of bishops,"

The spokesman, Toon Osaer, told VRT television, that the Conference of Bishops did not have the power to reprimand Joos. "Cardinal Joos directly falls under the jurisdiction of the pope in Rome," he said.

Cardinal Joos later told the same television station: "I'm just speaking out on what thousands of people are thinking but never get a chance to say."
Reuters – "Most gays are perverts," Belgian cardinal says

22 Jan 2004