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What sets Catholic Education apartů Archbishop Philip Wilson

In the midst of the present passionate debate about values in education, Adelaide Archbishop, Philip Wilson, says the Church is not primarily interested in Year 12 matriculation but in what happens when people die.

The controversy over the political correctness of education and the values taught in schools continued yesterday. In The Australian Archbishop Philip Wilson of Adelaide sought to explain what sets Catholic education apart:

"The Catholic education and the Catholic schooling system is not oriented towards the matriculation exams at the end of Year 12," he said.

"It really isn't our main concern, or university entrance. What we are concerned with is what happens to people when they die."

Archbishop Wilson said he believed Australia's education system gave parents a choice of what sort of philosophy they wanted for their children. "I would hope that the distinctions people would see would be as a result of the values and the religious faith that would enliven the life of the school," he said.

"Our aim is to do that in such a way that it is innovative and different from what others are doing. It has to be formed by values that are ours, that belong to the Catholic Church.

"We've got a big responsibility to make sure that people who come to our schools are well educated and given the best opportunities they can. But there is more, and it is that more that we should be interested in."

He said educators had to move with the times, and he felt there would be significant changes in the way schooling was conducted in coming years thanks to the increasing use of tools such as the internet. "We have a big responsibility to look at how our educational enterprise is something much more than just schooling of young people," he said. "We have got a big commitment we are struggling to live out, to the education of people from the beginning of their life to the end."
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22 Jan 2004