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Monotheist Religious Dialogue: Two significant meetings

The Ninth Congress of the Islamic-Catholic Liaison Committee has just concluded in Rome. In the US high level representatives of the Church attended a Jewish sponsored conference to foster better Jewish-Catholic relations.

The Vatican Information Service carried a brief report on the Pope's greeting to the delegates at the Congress of the Islamic-Catholic Liaison Committee. His Holiness said:

"Your committee," said the Pope in English, "which facilitates communication between Christians and Muslims, was established during a time of great expectation for world peace. Unfortunately, this hope has not yet been fulfilled. In the face of the tragedies which continue to afflict humanity, it is all the more necessary to convince people that peace is possible. Indeed, it is a duty," he said, citing his Message for World Day of Peace 2004. "I encourage you, and all leaders of religions, to promote a culture of dialogue, mutual understanding and respect. Upon you all, I invoke the abundant blessings of Almighty God!"

This committee, created in 1998, is comprised of representatives of the Pontifical Council for Inter-religious Dialogue and of the Al-Azhar Permanent Committee for Dialogue with Monotheist Religions.
MeanwhileNewsday carries an overview of the historic meeting in Manhattan called by orthodox Rabbis in the United States.

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21 Jan 2004