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Cardinal says Saddam treated like a cow

Cardinal Renato Martino, head of the Pontifical Council for Justice and Peace, said he felt compassion for Saddam and that the world should have been spared the images of his medical examination after his capture.

Cardinal Martino (pictured) said Saddam Hussein should face trial for his crimes, but stressed the Vatican's opposition to the death penalty and criticised the US military for portraying him "like a cow" having his teeth checked.

The cardinal said he is pleased with the capture and he hopes it will bring peace and democracy to Iraq, but he stressed it's not the answer to the problems of Iraq or the Middle East.

And in an indication of the Vatican's still-strong opposition to the US-led war, he said: "It seems illusory to hope that it will repair the drama and damage of the defeat against humanity which war always is."

Martino said the Vatican hoped Saddam would face trial in an "appropriate" venue. When asked about reports that Saddam could face the death penalty, Martino stressed the Vatican's long-standing opposition to capital punishment, as well as the fact that no UN-backed court has the death penalty.

Martino was speaking at a news conference to launch Pope John Paul II's annual message for the World Day of Peace, which the church celebrates on New Year's Day.

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17 Dec 2003