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WA Church hits back after Govt provocation

Catholic Mission in Perth has accused the Federal Government of making misleading and inflammatory statements about this month's riots at Port Hedland detention centre.

Catholic Mission archdiocesan director Francis Leong told The West Australian that the visit by Mandurah Catholic College students had not been the catalyst for riots, as suggested in a press release by officials from the Department of Immigration and Multicultural Affairs.

The school excursion coincided with a violent clash between centre staff and about 20 detainees. The incident ended after tear gas was used.

Mr Leong said he was alarmed at the way a Government agency had used the students to seemingly deflect attention from their policies.

A department spokeswoman said last night the department did not want to get into a policy debate.

A hunger strike at Port Hedland was believed to have ended without incident yesterday.

Nauru tots face more bars (The West Australian 16/12/03)

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16 Dec 2003