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Complaints body OKs South Park's "Red Hot Catholic Love"

South Africa's Broadcast Complaints Commission has dismissed a "flood of complaints" by Catholics that followed the screening of an episode of the animated cartoon series South Park titled "Red Hot Catholic Love".

The Commission has just released its judgment on the program, which aired in May. The complainants objected to the depiction of priests as sexually immoral, and the pope as condoning paedophilia. In addition, the program contained "offensive, crude and ribald language".

The Commission asserted that the program's content did not amount to blasphemy or hate speech, although it conceded that it did contain offensive language.

Complainants had described the program as "a maliciousl attack on Catholics" which was "was offensive to [Catholic] religious beliefs; "immoral, intolerant, insulting and destructive to Christianity as a whole"; "degrading to Catholics"; "blasphemous and depraved and [bordering] on hate speech as it casts Catholic priests as sexual deviants who regard having sex with boys as a way of life"; "falsely discredited the Church, destroying reality rather than engaging in constructive debate"; "mocked the Catholic religion by depicting priests praying to a spider and the Vatican collapsing and burying the pope".

South Park screens in Australia on SBS TV and the Comedy Channel pay outlet.

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12 Dec 2003