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NZ church reaction to 'Wise Men' condom ad

Wellington's Cardinal Thomas Williams has attacked a Christmas safe sex advertising campaign that depicts a trio of jeans-wearing men with packets of condoms in their back pockets and subbed the Three Wise Men.

The nationwide campaign by the Family Planning Association (FPA) and condom maker Ansell is featured on billboards and the back of buses throughout the country.

Cardinal Williams told the Dominion Post newspaper the three wise men honoured the birth of Christ and new life, and the campaign promoted the negation of life.

"They are so keen to get their message across that any means will do; even if it requires dishonouring something that means a good deal to others," he said.

The cardinal was supported by Presbyterian Church moderator Michael Thawley, who said the advertisements could be seen to be encouraging casual sex and also to degrade the "sacredness" of sex.

Church fury over 'Wise Men' condom ad (IOL South Africa/Daily News 10/12/03)

Archdiocese of Wellington
Family Planning Association of NZ | 3 Wise Men Promote Safer Sex

11 Dec 2003