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Archbishop Milingo making unauthorised trip to Africa

Against the advice of the Vatican, Archbishop Emmanuel Milingo has embarked on a trip to his native Zambia despite the opposition of the Zambian bishops' conference.

Archbishop Milingo drew worldwide headlines two years ago when he married a Korean woman, in a massive ceremony in New York organised by the Unification Church (the Moonies). Several weeks later, at an emotional meeting with Pope John Paul II, he expressed regret and contrition. He subsequently spent a year in seclusion, returning to Rome in the middle of 2002.

Catholic World News reports that Milingo has been living in a community near Rome. He reportedly found the life overly restrictive, and sought approval from the Congregation for Bishops for a trip to Zambia. The Congregation apparently advised against the trip. Nevertheless the archbishop embarked upon the trip to Africa.

News of the latest developments was revealed two weeks ago by The Age/Sydney Morning Herald correspondent Desmond O'Grady.

In Zambia, the bishops' conference has expressed its reservations. Archbishop Milingo had gained an enormous reputation in Zambia for his healing services, which some felt incompatible with Catholic teaching.

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31 Dec 2003