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Commission says new Missal translation "off to good start"

The Vatican's Vox Clara committee on English translations of liturgical texts has expressed its satisfaction with progress on a fresh translation of the Roman Missal.

Vox Clara, chaired by Sydney's Cardinal George Pell, met for the fourth time late last month in the offices of the Congregation for Divine Worship and the Sacraments in Rome.

This committee of senior bishops from around the English-speaking world was established in July 2001 to advise the congregation on translations of Latin liturgical texts into English, and to strengthen cooperation with episcopal conferences. The responsibility had previously been carried out exclusively by the more decentralised International Committee for English in the Liturgy.

The new translation is designed to bring the English version of the Roman Missal into line with Pope John Paul II's 2001 Liturgia Authenticam instruction on translation. The instruction prescribes greater fidelity to the original Latin texts, including the preservation of gender-specific usage.

"Having examined sample International Committee for English in the Liturgy translations from the 'Missale Romanum,' the committee expressed its gratitude for the excellent start made by the mixed commission in translating the 'Missale Romanum' in an English style which is in conformity with the spirit and the specific provisions of the instruction 'Liturgia Authenticam,' approved by the Holy Father on March 20, 2001," said a press statement released by the Vox Clara committee.

Vox Clara will meet again in the first half of next year.

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9 Dec 2003