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Release of plans for Brisbane Cathedral Precinct

The Archdiocese of Brisbane has released architect plans for the completion of the St Stephen's Cathedral Precinct project, which will start in mid-January.

The Catholic Leader reports that the project beside the cathedral will comprise four levels - two below the level of the cathedral grounds and two above - and is expected to be completed in mid-December 2004.

Key elements of the design include:
Covered space for use when liturgical celebrations begin outside the cathedral, such as the Easter Vigil.
Hospitality areas for gatherings before and after cathedral services.
Areas for clergy to vest for liturgies.
Practice rooms for the cathedral's three choirs.
Offices for cathedral administration and the bishops.
St Paul's Book Centre.
Meeting rooms
Additional car parking spaces for cathedral worshippers.

John Holland Pty Ltd submitted the successful tender for the project, and the contract price is $11.6 million.

Brisbane Archdiocese, in announcing the project last Wednesday, said no welfare or mission work of the archdiocese would be curtailed by the project, which is being funded from diocesan investments and income from Church tenancies.

It hopes the project will enhance not only the liturgical and pastoral life of the cathedral but the life of the city as well.

Archbishop Bathersby said he's delighted with the project coming to fruition "as for many years the cathedral has effectively been breathing with only one lung".

Cathedral precinct plans released (Catholic Leader 7/12/03)

Archdiocese of Brisbane | St Stephen's Cathedral

8 Dec 2003