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Bishops' committee to support local news writers

The Bishops' Committee for the Media is to develop a kit for parishes to help them take advantage of opportunities to spread the Church's good news to the local media.

With much of the Church's good news happening at parish level, the kit will help parish members identify a news story, write a concise press release, accompany it with a good, clear photo and place it with the local media outlet.

The committee is also working on a pastoral letter to examine the relationship between the Church and the media, which will concentrate on positive ways to develop this crucial area of the Church's relations with society.

Meanwhile last week's plenary meeting of the Australian Catholic Bishops' Conference appointed new bishops to its committees.

The appointments reflected recent changes to the Australian episcopate, with the attendance of three new bishops and a new cardinal in the Archbishop of Sydney, Dr George Pell.

The new bishops were Bishop Julian Porteous (pictured left) and Bishop Anthony Fisher OP (pictured right), Auxiliary Bishops of Sydney, and Bishop Max Davis, the Military Bishop.

Bishop Porteous was appointed to the Bishops' Committee for Evangelisation and Missions and the Bishops' Committee for Liturgy.

Bishop Fisher was appointed to the Bishops' Committee for Doctrine and Morals and the Bishops' Committee for Family and for Life.

Bishop Davis was appointed to the Bishops' Committee for Laity and the Bishops' Committee for Migrants and Refugees.

The Membership Committee also appointed the Maronite Bishop, Bishop Ad Abikaram to the Bishops' Committee for Education.

The Conference also approved the appointment of Sr Patty Fawkner SGS to the Commission for Australian Catholic Women and Mr Philip McMillan's reappointment as Chairperson of the Australian Catholic Commission for Employment Relations.

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5 Dec 2003