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Bishops present ethics teachings in new booklet

Australia's Catholic bishops have issued a booklet titled Being Human that sets out concisely Catholic teaching on the human person that underpins the Church's response to ethical questions on such issues as human cloning, reproductive technology, marriage and sexuality.

The reflection paper, commissioned by the Bishops' Committee for Doctrine and Morals and prepared by Fr Gerald Gleeson of the Catholic Institute of Sydney, recognises that the Church's position on modern ethical questions is not always well understood by society.

The Catholic Weekly reports that the booklet aims to offer a positive statement of the Catholic understanding of humanity that underpins the Church's ethical teachings by seeking to answer the fundamental question: What is it to be human?

The booklet is based on the assumption that competing answers are at work in debates about human cloning, reproductive technologies, care of the environment, marriage and human sexuality, the rights of refugees and asylum seekers, mandatory sentencing policies and approaches to the funding of education and health care.

"We have tried to show that Catholic teachings are in accord with fundamental convictions about who and what we are as human beings, and about where we are going, and are worthy of thoughtful inquiry and intelligent examination."

Bishops Committee for Doctrine & Morals Secretary Bishop David Walker (pictured) has undertaken to facilitate distribution of the booklet through his Broken Bay Diocese (tel: 02 9473 3500, email:
Being Human: Church looks at ethical issues (Catholic Weekly 21/12/03)

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19 Dec 2003