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Prominent priest gave last rites to slain man

High-profile Catholic priest Fr Peter Norden will conduct a funeral Mass on Friday for slain Melbourne crime figure Graham "The Munster" Kinniburgh.

Fr Norden (pictured right) , the former head of Jesuit Social Services and one-time chaplain at Pentridge Prison, told The Age yesterday that he had been called to give the last rites to Kinniburgh about 2:00 am on Saturday, shortly after he was gunned down outside his Kew home.

"I knew Graham quite well," Fr Norden said. "He was a Catholic."

Kinniburgh, 62 (pictured left), had just stepped out of his car and was walking towards the driveway of his Belmont Avenue home when he was repeatedly shot in the chest about midnight.

Police believe Kinniburgh might have drawn his own gun and fired one round before being killed. A pistol was found with his body and a bag of groceries. Forensic tests are being conducted to determine if the gun was his.

Kinniburgh was for more than 30 years one of the best-connected criminals in Victoria. He drove a used Ford Falcon, but lived in an affluent part of Kew.

With gangster Jason Moran, who was gunned down in Fr ont of children on a Saturday morning in June, Kinniburgh was linked to the death in January 1998 of Alphonse Gangitano at Templestowe.

He is one of more than 20 underworld figures killed in Melbourne in the past six years.

Fr Norden will conduct his funeral Mass in the Sacred Heart Catholic Church in Cotham Road, Kew, at 11:00 am on Friday.

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17 Dec 2003