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Scottish archbishop says safe sex advice encourages teenage sex

Glasgow's Archbishop Mario Conti has attacked the so-called values-free safe sex advice that is readily available to school children from family planning clinics.

Archbishop Conti issued his warning on the dangers of widening teenagers' access to contraception and abortion ahead of the launch of its sexual health strategy this week.

He said: "What is not acceptable to the Catholic Church, and, I suspect, to many others, is the ideological approach of so-called family planning experts which undermines the authority of parents and contradicts the sound teaching of responsible educators by offering explicit, values-free, sex advice, free contraceptives and abortion facilities to children and young people ."

The archdiocesan website includes a briefing paper on contraception that argued that because contraception reduces the chances of conception, it increases the likelihood of casual sexual relationships outside marriage.

It says: "This devalues marriage and turns human sexuality into nothing more than sterile gratification."

In an article in Scotland's Sunday Herald, Archbishop Conti highlights research from Nottingham University Business School suggesting that an increase in family planning clinics for young people has contributed to the rise in sexually transmitted disease.

"This ultimately leads, through contraceptive failure or misuse, to more unwanted pregnancies and more abortion with all the personal, familial and social deficit that it brings."

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11 Nov 2003