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Tasmanian Catholic agency accused of forcing adoptions

A Tasmanian man and his mother have raised concerns about the Catholic Church's adoption practices in the 1970s, with a claim that the man was adopted out without his mother's authorisation.

The man, who wishes to be known as Danny, was adopted out in 1974. But his mother told the ABC's Stateline program, broadcast in Tasmania on Friday, that she never authorised the adoption.

Rather she says she was told her child had died shortly after birth.

"The only bit that I can really remember is bits and pieces of someone coming in and saying that the baby had brain damage and had died," she said.

Danny says the situation raises serious questions and the church needs to be held accountable.

"We're not talking about a TV here, we're talking about a human life," he said.

However documents from the Catholic Adoption Agency, now run by Centacare, indicate Danny's mother did approach them to discuss adoption.

The agency says the documents show she remained firm in her decision to adopt out.

Records from the hospital showed a signed adoption authorisation but Danny's mother argues it was not her signature.

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10 Nov 2003