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Vatican aiming at 'sacred vernacular language' for liturgy

An official at the Congregation for Divine Worship and the Sacraments has enunciated the Vatican's vision for a "sacred vernacular language" that avoids "slavishly reflecting the development of local speech".

What is meant by the new term is spelled out in a commentary on the Congregation's 2001 instruction Liturgiam Authenticam, written by official Fr Anthony Ward SM.

Fr Ward said the language used in liturgy should be "easy to understand but more formal than everyday speech".

The Vatican "contests the affirmations that do the rounds in certain circles to the effect that the language of the liturgy should slavishly reflect the development of local speech," he said.

His comments were contained in a 32-page article published in the March-April edition of the Congregation's bulletin Notitiae, which has just been distributed.

Vatican aims to create 'sacred vernacular language,' official says (Catholic News Service)

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7 Nov 2003