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Support for Sydney Peace Prize recipient

Brisbane's Catholic Justice and Peace Commission has called for people of good will to support the controversial awarding of this year's Sydney Peace Prize to Dr Hanan Ashrawi.

Some prominent Australians including Sydney Lord Mayor Lucy Turnbull, as well as sections of the community, have voiced their opposition to the award.

The Brisbane Commission's Executive Officer Peter Arndt said: "Dr Ashrawi has been a consistent advocate of justice, peace and human rights achieved and supported through non-violent means."

"While she is a passionate advocate of an independent Palestinian State, Dr Ashrawi has condemned the violence perpetrated by both Palestinians and Israelis against each other," he said.

"A true and just peace can only be achieved through a commitment to peaceful dialogue and this is exactly what Dr Ashrawi stands for."

Dr Ashrawi supports a two-State solution to the dispute between Israelis and Palestinians.

The Commission is urging people of good will, whatever their religious and cultural background, to sign an electronic petition which supports the awarding of the Prize to Dr Ashrawi.

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5 Nov 2003