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Papua New Guinea seeks help for education project

The Diocese of Vanimo accepted a regional PNG Government invitation to head a new educational plan for young women in Papua New Guinea.

The government of Vanimo requested the Catholic diocese to take charge of a new senior technical boarding high-school for girls. This school, the first of its kind in the area, will prepare young women for the university level. Traditionally, girls learn only domestic work and have little opportunity to study.

According to the school project, teaching and administration staff will be paid by the State, but the government has asked the local Church to contribute towards the construction of the building. Bishop Bonivento accepted "with total confidence in Divine Providence."

The compound, which will accommodate 320 girls, will have 6 two-story buildings housing classrooms, laboratories, dormitories, kitchens, a refectory, and recreational facilities. The project includes about 15 homes for teachers. The total estimated cost is $A2.8 million.

Papua New Guinea Asks Church's Help in Educational Project (Zenit 23/11/03)

Catholic Church in Papua New Guinea

26 Nov 2003