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Philippine priests urged to adopt healthy lifestyle

The central Philippine Archdiocese of Cebu is following up on a Priests' Congress resolution aimed to persuade clergy to play sport and work out at the gym, while cutting smoking and alcohol consumption.

The resolution prescribes physical fitness programs, dietary tips and strict compliance on the annual checkup for priests.

The committee launched the Second Conference of the Inter-District Cebu Clergy Basketball League last Monday night, which is one of the activities included in the implementation of the resolution.

"Rather than drink or smoke, they can come to play basketball, which can also be a form of exercise for our priests. Also perhaps they can watch the games of their fellow priests instead of going out for entertainment elsewhere," Monsignor Roberto Alesna told the Cebu Sun-Star.

Some 60 priests joined the opening games at the Capitol Parish gym last Monday, while other priests filled the bleachers to cheer for their teams.

In a reproductive health forum of the Commission on Population held last Wednesday, Dr Corazon Raymundo said that sports and other physical activities can also help men control sexual urges.

The resolution also calls for the strict implementation of the 15-day annual vacation leave and the once-a-week day off for priests.

"No matter how much work they have to do in their parishes, they did need to have some days off from work to break the routine and to have a new environment once in a while to re-energise them," Alesna added.

Keeping priests from booze, cigarettes (Cebu Sun-Star 22/11/03)

Archdiocese of Cebu

24 Nov 2003