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Local Catholics and Anglicans urged to "pray through the storm"

In encouraging participation in tomorrow's Australian day of prayer for reconciliation between Catholic and Anglican churches, organisers have alluded to "new issues threaten our unity and create new possibilities for misunderstanding".

But in the statement released last week, they did not give explicit mention to yesterday's consecration as an Episcopal bishop in the USA of Canon Gene Robinson, which is certain to be on the minds of those who heed the call to prayer.

The statement said: "Even more we need to keep praying for each other through both the calm and the storm."

However the organisers recognised "that relationships between our two Churches have improved in many ways that we now take for granted". They stressed that both churches recognise the unity that comes from a common faith in Jesus Christ and by Baptism. But it said relationships need "constant care to grow and deepen".

Tomorrow's day of prayer for greater understanding, patience and reconciliation between the two churches in Australia has been been welcomed and approved by the leadership of the two communities.

4 Novemer was chosed because it is "in the shadow of All Saints Day", enabling the faithful to "take courage from the witness of many holy men and women who have lived in both communities."

The Australian Anglican Roman Catholic Dialogue Group has made available liturgical and other resources on the churches' websites.

Praying through calm and storm - Anglicans and Roman Catholics: November 4th Day of Prayer for Reconciliation

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4 Nov 2003