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Doyle stands firm amid calls for resignation

Hobart's Archbishop Adrian Doyle said on Saturday that he will not "take the easy way out" of the sex abuse crisis in the Tasmanian Catholic Church by resigning.

He issued a two-page statement explaining the Church's position following a series of reports on the Nine Network's A Current Affair.

The statement was sparked by Friday's edition of the TV program which purported to show the archbishop denying there were further sex abuse complaints against a priest when he knew the priest had admitted assaulting another boy.

In the statement, he repeated is acknowledged he should have stood Monsignor Philip Green down immediately after his admission in August last year that he had abused two boys.

"I am determined to learn from the mistakes that have been made and to ensure that any future complaints are dealt with immediately and transparently," he said.

"I will not resign over this matter, because to do so would almost be taking the easy way out."

The Coalition for Inquiry into Child Sex Abuse called for Archbishop Doyle's resignation yesterday, as did one of the two victims who have gone public, Drew Murray, a ship's captain. Captain Murray said Archbishop Doyle could no longer command the Catholic Church because he could no longer be trusted.

Archbishop Doyle denied the TV program's allegation that he failed to respond to a request by Hobart CIB two months ago for Monsignor Green to return from Sydney for interview. He denied the program's accusation that he wrote to them in an attempt to hose down A Current Affair's report, before its first one went to air in August. He said his letter was written after the first program to inform them he would not be interviewed a second time because his trust had been betrayed the first report.

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3 Nov 2003