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Pell in Cathedral celebration before departure for Rome

Sydney's Archbishop George Pell last night celebrated Mass for the Pope's Silver Jubilee in a packed St Mary's Cathedral, his final public appearance before leaving for Rome for his elevation to the College of Cardinals.

Pell will receive the "red hat" from Pope John Paul II on Tuesday, making him one of the 135 senior clergy who will elect the next pope.

He told last night's congregation of more than 3000 that Pope John Paul II has repeated and developed his central themes in many different forms of teaching, explaining the liberating effect of truth.

He said some of the Pope's politically incorrect encyclicals - including those condemning abortion and euthanasia - have caused great debate in the secular world.

"There's no easy courting of popularity, no shirking of challenges," Dr Pell said. "The centre of the Pope's work is the question of the meaning of human life."

Dr Pell said there is a radical secular view that if a life is made of suffering, there was no point in living.

"John Paul has addressed this intellectually, and more recently with the public performance of his duties at such great cost," he said.

"He struggles wearily on, helped only by Christ's power driving him on irresistibly," Dr Pell said. "We thank God for his presence ... for his teaching and his character."

Suffering pontiff lives his teachings: Pell (The Australian) - payment required

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17 Oct 2003