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Pope struggles for words but does not give up

Pope John Paul II failed in his attempts to speak during an audience with Uruguayan President Jorge Batlle yesterday, as a visiting senior Polish bishop said he was "suffering" but would not give up.

After private talks lasting 15 minutes with Batlle, the Uruguayan president's 10-strong delegation was ushered into the pope's library.

The Holy Father did not appear in good shape and did not say a single word to the delegation.

Delegation members were however able to kiss the hand of John Paul II, who gave them a medal marking the 25th anniversary of his election this week.

Tadeusz Styczen, a professor at Poland's Lublin university and one of the Polish bishops closest to the pope, underlined, however, the "strength of the pope's spirit despite the fragility of his body."

"The pope is suffering but is not giving up. He will go on until the end," Styczen said.

The pope faces one of the toughest weeks of his pontificate as he prepares for the 25th anniversary of his election amid deepening concerns about his failing health.


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14 Oct 2003