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Catholic Health calls on doctors to show "good faith"

Catholic Health Australia (CHA) has called on doctors poised to withdraw their services in response to to indemnity stalemate, to "remember their calling".

"If the medical profession want the community to accept that public money will be needed to solve the indemnity issue, then they need to show good faith now and continue to serve the public," said CHA CEO Francis Sullivan.

He stressed that the indemnity crisis affects far more than the medical profession.

"Non profit organizations running rehabilitation programs, surf lifesavers and other groups dedicated to the health of Australians have been hit hard by the blow out in insurance costs."

He also called on the Government to "keep the resolution of this issue open and transparent" in order to "deliver a solution well before the next election so as to keep it above party politics".

Meanwhile Mr Sullivan also commented yesterday on Labor's commitment to the establishment of a national health reform commission.

He commended the initiative, but called for all governments to implement one immediately.

"Labor has correctly identified the need to rationalise the governance of the national health service and put in place improvements to better the access to essential care for all Australians."

Catholic Health Australia
Catholic Health Australia

Catholic Health Australia
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9 Oct 2003