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Pope's Jubilee cross rescued from tip

The media is reporting that a cross used by Pope John Paul II to celebrate the Church's Jubilee year in 2000 has been found abandoned in a rubbish tip.

The bronze, six metre cross was discovered in the dump on the outskirts of Rome, Italy's RAI Due television reported.

The two tonne cross formed the centrepiece of the celebrations when Pope John Paul II celebrated the World Youth Day mass before an estimated two million young people at Tor Vergata, outside Rome.

"After the Jubilee, everything was dismantled. The cross, and the altar used by the pope was to be installed in a Church to be constructed in Tor Vergata, where the Jubilee was held," said a spokesman for the Italian Episcopal Conference, Monsignor Claudio Giuliodori.

"The building of the Church is the responsibility of the public works department for the Lazio region, which took charge of the cross and the altar."

The cross, weighing over two tonnes, was created for the Jubilee celebrations by Italian sculptor Stefano Pirotti.

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30 Oct 2003