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Tasmanian archbishop backed on sex abuse stance

Hobart Archbishop Adrian Doyle has said he has no plans to resign over his handling of sex abuse cases in Tasmania.

In Launceston yesterday the Dean for Northern Tasmania, Fr Terry Southerwood, said Archbishop Doyle has done nothing to warrant resignation.

Former Launceston businessman and Church adviser Patrick Murray called for Archbishop Doyle to resign over the way he handled complaints lodged by two men, including his son, against Hobart clergyman Monsignor Philip Green.

Church officials confirmed that Monsignor Green had been stood down from his position over inappropriate behaviour 18 months after the first complaint was lodged. Mr Murray claims he was sacked from his position on church committees after he and another church adviser made two formal complaints over the issue.

Archbishop Doyle said he did not sack Mr Murray or ask him to resign but said they had reached an understanding.

"I proposed to him that he stand aside from connections within the Church ... until such times as these issues were resolved and behind us," he said.

Archbishop Doyle said Mr Murray was entitled to his views but that through his letters, he had "expressed a lack of faith in (his) leadership".

He conceded that he "could have and should have" reached the decision more quickly.

He said he would commit the Catholic Church to an inquiry into sex abuse in the Church in Tasmania if it were called.

The Church would continue to follow the guidelines set out in the Towards Healing document.

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27 Oct 2003