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15 years added to pedophile priest's jail sentence

Former Melbourne priest Michael Charles Glennon will spend at least 15 more years behind bars after County Court judge Roland Williams set the minimum sentence yesterday for a string of fresh sex offences against him.

Judge Williams sentenced the 59-year-old to a maximum of 18 years on 26 counts against four young victims. But the judge said the new maximum sentence from yesterday would in fact become 20 years, with two years added on from the sentence he is currently serving.

Glennon has spent most of the past 13 years in jail. He has been convicted of sexually abusing 15 children between 1974 and 1991, mostly at youth camps held at Karaglen, a rural property near Lancefield north of Melbourne, which Glennon helped establish and operate.

The most recent trial heard that Glennon told his boy victims that the sexual offences were secret men's business and a necessary part of their initiation into Aboriginal manhood. Judge Williams sid he believed that Glennon was one of a small number of offenders who were "just wantonly evil".

He had shown himself to be an "evil, callous human being", a man of cunning and planning who committed the most sordid crimes against his victims.

In other news, the Boston Archdiocese's record $A120 million offer to settle claims of clergy sexual abuse took effect on Monday. Attorneys announced that the required 80% had signed on. More are expected to join by today's deadline.

Under the agreement, a mediator will hear each victim's case and set an award ranging from $A113,000 to $A425,000, depending on the severity, duration and kind of abuse.

Meanwhile in Ireland, frustrated Christian Brothers have claimed they will not get a fair hearing at the Child Abuse Commission after the High Court threw out the order's challenge to the probe. The Brothers said the commission's findings would be "unsafe" following the decision that deceased, infirm or untraceable members will not escape naming and shaming.

The order said it had not decided whether to appeal the judgment to the Supreme Court an option that would create further delays for the troubled inquiry. It said the inability to offer proper defences and the "danger of prejudice" from the lapse of time in older cases would "undoubtedly" render findings unsafe.

"The Christian Brothers regard this as a real threat to human and civil rights in a modern civilised democracy," it said.

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23 Oct 2003