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Pope winds up 25th anniversary festivities

Pope John Paul, in the closing act of festivities marking his 25th anniversary, gave rings of office yesterday to new cardinals during a ceremony in St Peter's Basilica at which Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger presided.

Press reports indicate that the Holy Father seemed alert after a week of celebration, during which he held five audiences for huge crowds, in addition to three masses and a concert.

He read only a few prayers during yesterday's mass, with a bishop reading the homily for him. He knelt through the most sacred parts of the service, received communion from one of the priests, and blessed the crowd as he was wheeled away after the two-hour ceremony.

During the mass, a Spanish woman read a prayer for the pope, asking God to "fill him with wisdom and consolation of the spirit."

The pope gave 30 new cardinals gold rings representing their link to Rome, their bond to the papacy and the universal Church.

Wearing gold and white vestments that contrasted with the scarlet of the cardinals, the pope said in the homily read for him that the new "princes" of the Church reflected its universality.

The cardinals, who were formally elevated on Tuesday evening Australian time, come from 22 countries and are a mix of moderates and conservatives, including Sydney's Cardinal George Pell.

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23 Oct 2003