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Catholic Mission urges armbands for Children's Mission Day

Catholic Mission is encouraging the wearing of Peace for Life armbands today - Wednesday 22 October - which is Children's Mission Day, part of a week-long promotion which started witih World Mission Day on Sunday.

Catholic Mission, an organisation of the Australian Bishops Conference, has provided free armbands to schools and other entities. A statement said everybody is encouraged to wear the armband as a "public display" to actively create peace.

As a variation to this initiative, an estimated 500 school children from 32 schools in Adelaide will gather in the city's Victoria Square as 50 "peace doves" are released and a minute's silence is observed for child soldiers throughout the world who have lost their lives.

At 12.15 pm, the children will hand out Peace for Life armbands to city office workers and passers by.

Catholic Mission says an estimated 300,000 children under the age of 18 are currently participating in armed conflicts in more than 40 countries on almost every continent around the world. While most child soldiers are in their teens, some are as young as seven years old.

"In a year that has seen the world at war, the Peace for Life message could not be more urgent," said Catholic Misson's National Director Fr Terry Bell. "Peace is not just an ideal that we long for, it is something very practical that expresses itself in our relationships with others. We can do something about peace."

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22 Oct 2003