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ACU forum to link male teacher shortage to fear of intimacy

A forum at Australian Catholic University's North Sydney campus will discuss the negative consequences of Australian society's repression of positive expressions of caring, support and commitment, including the shortage of male school teachers.

"An associated consequence is the affect this issue has of attracting males to the teaching profession. One I have long been concerned about," said Vice Chancellor Professor Peter Sheehan.

"I believe this is a most significant issue for the community," said Professor Sheehan. "Between us we might be able to offer suggestions as to how society can better handle this problem."

"The University's mission summons it to attend to all that is of concern to human beings. In its endeavours, it is guided by a fundamental concern for justice and equity, and for the dignity of human beings," he said.

Professor Sheehan will chair the public discussion, which will take place on 5 November.

Speakers include Marist Brother and Clinical Psychologist Br Michael Hill. Br Hill is cochair of the National Committee for Professional Standards and author of When Intimacy Founders… The Deconstruction of Love.

ACU national hosts a public forum on the fear of intimacy (Australian Catholic University)

ACU National
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21 Oct 2003