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Believers say religion not to blame for violence around world

A new survey of believers of the world's major faiths says religion is not to blame for much of the violence taking place that is often linked to religious beliefs.

A consensus among the more than 4000 people worldwide who were polled for the survey released last week by the polling firm Zogby International and the religion and classics department at the University of Rochester in the US suggested that increased religious practices within their countries would only be a benefit.

John Zogby, founder and CEO of Zogby International, said the poll reveals that "religion is far more important to people than politics."

He also said that the survey shows that "Most groups acknowledge the possibilities of multiple paths to religious truth and the majority of communities surveyed do not associate religion with trouble, unrest and violence in their own countries."

Poll: Believers say religion not to blame for violence around world (Catholic News Service)

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21 Oct 2003