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Catholic Health says reform should help working poor

Catholic Health Australia has called on all parliamentary parties to amend the Medicare package and changes to the Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme (PBS) in the interests of people most disadvantaged in the community.

Speaking on Friday at the end of Anti Poverty Week and in the lead up to Carers Week, CHA CEO Francis Sullivan said: "Poor people and others just struggling to make ends meet need the certainty and security of a properly funded Medicare and PBS system."

He warned that placing extra charges on medicines and opening up the possibility of higher fees to visit a GP will only further divide the opportunities to better health care for the less well off and the rest.

"Research revealed that last year 20% of the lowest paid people receiving no government benefits postponed filling a script," he said. "We need a health care system which reflects the regard we have for each other, not the capacity to pay your own way."

"All political parties should heed the message of Anti Poverty Week and prioritise the community's efforts and resources to reduce poverty, improve opportunity and access to essential health care."

Change Medicare and Drugs Package To Help Working Poor

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20 Oct 2003