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Failure at Cancun a major blow for the world's poor

CAFOD, the Caritas member agency in England and Wales, has expressed deep regret at the failure of the trade talks held in the past few days in the Mexican city of Cancun.

"It is clear that the EU and US bear a heavy responsibility for the failure of Cancun," said Head of Public Policy George Gelber.

He said trade and investment issued relevant to the interests of the rich countries dominated procedings. Development and agriculture - what he called the 'real issues of world trade' were pushed aside.

Gelber points out that before Cancun, the EU refused to listen to over 100 countries said that they did not want to discuss the four new issues.

But he said some comfort can be taken from the way the developing countries organised and asserted themselves in a way they have not done before.

But the poor countries remain the losers.

"With the rich countries turning more and more to bilateral deals, developing countries will be in even weaker positions to get fair trade rules," he said. "Therefore, the WTO must not be allowed to fade into irrelevance. Developed and developing countries face a huge task in rescuing the World Trade Organisation from impending obscurity."

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16 Sep 2003