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Pope wraps up gruelling Slovakia pilgrimage

Looking drained, an increasingly frail Pope John Paul II celebrated Sunday Mass for 200,000, completing a challenging four-day trip that included the beatification of two Slovaks imprisoned and tortured under the former communist regime.

One of the beati was Bishop Vasil Hopko, who was placed under house arrest and solitary confinement, then interned and incarcerated for 15 years, following the communist government's banning of the Catholic Church. The other was nurse Sr Zdenka Cecilia Schelingova, was sentenced to 12 years' jail for high treason after helping a priest escape from prison.

"I thank God because you have been able to safeguard, even in difficult times, your fidelity to Christ and to his church," John Paul said.

Today, nearly seven in 10 of Slovakia's 5.4 million people are Catholics.

At yesterday's ceremony, the Holy Father slurred his words and turned over his homily to a cardinal to complete. Bidding farewell at the airport before departing for Rome, he struggled to catch his breath. But his presence drew cheers from the large crowd filling a plaza near a sprawling communist-era housing project.

Vatican spokesman Joaquin Navarro-Valls said: "It is very moving how he has incorporated the physical limitations into the way he performs his ministry," he told reporters.

The Slovakia visit was John Paul's last scheduled trip, although he has invitations for next year from at least four countries including France, Austria, Switzerland and the pope's native Poland.

Asked whether Slovakia would be John Paul's last trip, Navarro-Valls replied: "I don't think so. Knowing the Holy Father, it is very difficult to say it will be the last trip of his pontificate."


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15 Sep 2003