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Al-Jazeera to carry Catholic TV documentaries

Arabic television channel Al-Jazeera will transmit a number of documentaries produced by Nova-T, the video production house founded by the Piedmont Capuchin Province in Italy.

The Rome-based religious orders news service Vidimus Dominum reports that Al-Jazeera has signed an agreement through a production and distribution company to purchase the series of home-videos called The Forgotten Wars made by Nova-T on the conflicts "about which no one speaks".

Publicity from Nova-T explains that some of the most violent fighting on earth continues to take place in Rwanda, the Sahara, Sudan, Eritrea, Angola and Somalia. The wars mostly involve isolated conflicts for control of a strip of arid desert, or the assertion of the supremacy of one ethnic tribe over another.

The six-part series includes Somali Democracy Sauce and Hutu Tutsi: An Endless War. The reports will be transmitted via satellite from Qatar to Arab communities in the Middle East and elsewhere. In Australia, Al Jazeera is available on Optus cable TV.

Al Jazeera continues to make news itself in the US 'war against terror', with one of its journalists arrested by Spanish police last week for alleged links with the al-Qaida terrorist organisation. And on the eve of today's September 11 aniversary, the channel broadcast a new videotape said to feature al-Qaida leader Osama bin Laden and his deputy Ayman al-Zawahiri.

Vidimus Dominum

Al Jazeera

11 Sep 2003