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Release of Pope's new book of poetic meditations

The Poetry of John Paul II - Roman Triptych: Meditations - Pope John Paul II's new book of poetic meditations - has just gone on sale in the USA.

The book contains three poetic meditations by the pope on God as the beginning and the ending of human life and on the beginning and the ending of his own pontificate.

In the first section, the Holy Father uses the image of his search for the source of spring water while bushwalking in the mountains.

"Allow me to wet my lips in spring water, to feel its freshness, reviving freshness / If you want to find the source, you have to go up, against the current."

These are the first poems by the pope published during his papacy, according to an announcement from the US bishops' Department of Communications in Washington.

The book features full-color artwork from the Casa Buonarotti and Albertina Museum, and several pages of the pope's original handwritten text. It is being published by USCCB Publishing, the publishing arm of the US bishops.

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10 Sep 2003