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Vinnies commemorates founder's anniversary

Members of the St Vincent de Paul Society marked yesterday's 150th anniversary of the death of their founder Frederic Ozanam, with special services held concurrently.

Victorian State President Syd Tutton said: "To mark this significant event concurrent services were held across Victoria with over 1000 people attending St Patrick's Cathedral in Melbourne, Sacred Heart Cathedral in Bendigo and St Mary's Cathedral in Sale."

The St Vincent de Paul Society has approximately 30,000 members in Australia nationally and over one million internationally.

Mr Tutton commented: "Frederic Ozanam said in 1849 that only when we know at first hand the conditions of the poor in school, at work, in hospitals, in city, in the country ... then and only then, can we be begin to grasp the elements of poverty and hope that we may resolve it."

He said Ozanam believed that only those with such first-hand knowledge have the right to suggest reforms.

"Since the St Vincent de Paul Society was established in Victoria 1854, this learning of the causes of poverty has resulted in a significant contribution to the Society and the Victorian community."

"This contribution is expressed through the home visitation work of its members and volunteers and the establishment of specialised housing, aged care, domestic violence, employment and outreach services."

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9 Sep 2003