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Marist laity unity move

A new organisation - Marist Laity Australia - has been formed to bring a sense of unity to lay Marists around Australia through better communication and collaboration.

Members of the four Marist congregations - Marist Sisters, Marist Brothers, Missionary Sisters of the Society of Mary and Marist Fathers - celebrated this new beginning with a ceremony at the Holy Name Church, Hunters Hill.

Maria Baden, the new body's co-ordinator, told the Catholic Weekly that the Marist call comes from a meeting of two desires - the desire of Mary that something new happens in the Church and the desire of an individual person to be part of that world.

"The Marist founders, Jean-Claude Colin, Jean-Marie Chavoin and Marcellin Champagnat, saw themselves as a family - a tree with several branches, including one branch belonging to the laity," says Maria.

"Marist Laity Australia is an expression of this branch of the tree."

Catholic Weekly

Marist Australia
Marist Laity in the United States

4 Sep 2003