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Dublin archbishop vows change for Irish Church

Newly-appointed coadjutor Archbishop of Dublin Diarmuid Martin told journalists on Friday that the Church has been authoritarian and must learn to function in a different manner.

Martin (pictured, right), 58, is the former Secretary of the Pontifical Council for Justice and Peace at the Vatican. He will become head of the Dublin Archdiocese upon the retirement or death of 77 year old Cardinal Desmond Connell (pictured, left).

"There must be much more aggressive reaching out to young people," he told the journalists. "Many women feel they are not understood by the church."

While acting as coadjutor, Archbishop Martin said he would be "out and about, knocking on doors and meeting people."

Catholic News Service says nothing like the press briefing had been held in Dublin for more than a decade, and Archbishop Martin was "relaxed and confident when dealing with journalists' questions".

The Irish Catholic newspaper reports that Archbishop Martin said he was humbled by the faith of victims "whose love of the Church was so strong that they had remained firm in their commitment to their faith, despite all their suffering".

However he acknowledged that there were those whose "hurt and sense of betrayal" was so profound that they had lost their faith in the Church. Speaking directly to them he added: "Your wounds are our wounds, the wounds of the entire Church, and there is no way that the Church can forget that, as long as you still feel hurt."

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4 Sep 2003