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Catholic Health welcomes Abbott as new Health Minister

Catholic Health Australia CEO Francis Sullivan has responded optimistically to the appointment of former seminarian Tony Abbott to the portfolio of Health and Ageing in the Cabinet of Prime Minister John Howard.

"I hope that his social conscience drives reform, not economic extremism, or pandering to the big moneyed interests of the health industry," said Mr Sullivan. "Everyone recognises the fiscal challenges. However it is primarily a community responsibility that we all contribute so that the sick are covered."

He said Abbott's challenge will be to ensure Australia does not slip into a welfare model where the well off and fortunate are absolved from their obligations to care for the sick and poor.

Tony Abbott, outgoing Federal Employment and Workplace Relations Minister, replaces Senator Kay Patterson. Mr Sullivan thanked Senator Patterson for her efforts, describing her as a "genuine minister" who "struggled with the media to get her message across".

Ageing Minister Kevin Andrews - often described as a "devout Catholic - is replacing Abbott in the Employment and Workplace Relations portfolio. Mr Sullivan paid tribute to his "genuine concern for elderly people", expressing the hope that "he takes the same attitude to the issues confronting working people and their families".

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30 Sep 2003