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Archbishop Carroll welcomes new Australian Cardinal

Australian Catholic Bishops Conference President, Archbishop Francis Carroll, yesterday welcomed the elevation of Archbishop George Pell to the College of Cardinals, saying it was an important day for the Church in Australia.

Archbishop Carroll said the announcement by Pope John Paul II of the new cardinal was not only a personal honour for the Archbishop, but one shared by the Archdiocese of Sydney and the whole Church in Australia.

"I have conveyed my congratulations and very best wishes to the cardinal-elect on his appointment," Archbishop Carroll said. "The College of Cardinals fulfills an important role of leadership and service in the life of the Catholic Church.

"The Church in Australia offers prayerful support to Cardinal Pell as he begins this new phase of his ministry."

Archbishop Carroll said he look forward to being in Rome next month for the Pope's silver jubilee celebrations, at the conclusion of which the new cardinals would be installed.

Australian Catholic Bishops Conference


"I would like to take the opportunity of congratulating cardinal-designate George Pell. It's a great personal tribute to him as a person. It's also a great recognition of the significance of the Catholic community to the life and the experience of Australia. I have a very high personal regard for George Pell. I think he's a great intellectual, he's a person of great determination and strength. I wish him well." - Prime Minister John Howard (AAP)

"Archbishop Pell has had a long and distinguished career in the Catholic Church in Australia and has played a significant role within ACU National. ACU National is honoured to congratulate Dr Pell on his most prestigious appointment and warmly congratulates him as Australia's newest Cardinal." - Professor Peter Sheehan, Vice-Chancellor Australian Catholic University (ACU National)

"The Catholic Diocese of Ballarat rejoices that one of our own has been elected by the Pope John Paul the second to the College of Cardinals. Cardinal George Pell was born in this city and served as a priest of our diocese for almost 20 years. He brings to this appointment outstanding gifts of leadership and a strong commitment to the proclamation of the gospel of Jesus Christ." - Bishop Peter Connors, Diocese of Ballarat (Ballarat Courier)

"For the Archbishop's sake, we're extremely pleased ... we also bask in the glory of it, as being, we believe, an integral part of his development. The college has benefited from his contribution to the life of the school both as a student and as a pastor." - Dr Peter Casey, Principal St Patrick's College, Ballarat (Ballarat Courier)

"Archbishop Pell has shown not only loyalty to the teachings of the Church but strong leadership in the face of opposition from elements who want the Church to change radically," he said. "He has resisted the trend to make the Church conform to the values of secular society and has championed the view that God must be at the centre of both personal and civic life." - Archbishop Barry Hickey, Archdiocese of Perth (The West Australian)

"I suppose what concerns me is that many of the values that I think are dear to Australian Catholics - such as the dignity of the human person, the primacy of conscience, the theology of communion, the need for dialogue in our church, reading the signs of the times - I don't think that they're values that are particularly clearly enunciated by Archbishop Pell." Bishop Pat Power, Diocese of Canberra-Goulburn (The Australian)

"My experience of a number of priests that I know is that he actually terrifies them. And that when he was coming they really shrank in fear that he may really put them out of business. I mean these are priests that would never be able to speak out in public," - Dr David Millikan, Uniting Church Minister and Director Australian Centre for Christianity and Culture (Radio Australia)

"Pell insists he is merely a traditionalist. What he fails to concede, however, is that there are some elements of church tradition he is happy to encourage and others he'd rather simply forget." - Chris McGillion, religion columnist and author of A Long Way from Rome Sydney Morning Herald

"I just think that we can't change anything about the leadership but the important thing is that the people on the ground continue to do the things that are important" - Fr Claude Mostowik, the former coordinator Acceptance, representing gay Catholics (AAP)

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30 Sep 2003