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Pope announces Pell elevation to College of Cardinals

Sydney's Archbishop George Pell is one of 30 new cardinals Pope John Paul named last night Australian time at Sunday Mass in the Vatican.

"It is a signal honour to be appointed a cardinal of the Catholic Church," he told The Age. "As Archbishop of Sydney my appointment also recognises the contribution of the Catholic community to Australian life."

Pell's appointment means Australia will have a disproportionately high number of electors in the Papal Conclave if Pope John Paul II dies before December (when Cardinal Edward Clancy turns 80), or next July (when Cardinal Edward Cassidy turns 80).

The College of Cardinals' most prominent function is to elect a new Pope following the death or abdication of the incumbent.

The Pope will formally elevate the group at a consistory on 21 October, coinciding with celebrations marking his 25th anniversary as leader of the world's largest Christian denomination.

Archbishops from Nigeria, France, Sudan, Spain, Scotland, Brazil, Ghana, India, Croatia, Vietnam, Guatemala, Hungary, Canada, Italy and the United States were also elevated.

Dr Pell, Archbishop of Sydney since 2001, was destined to be made a cardinal when he was selected for the Sydney archdiocese because traditionally it is a "red-hat" posting.

The Age

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29 Sep 2003