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Gourmands seek reclassification of gluttony sin

A group of French chefs and intellectuals have petitioned the Vatican to reconsider the sin of gluttony, arguing that the French word for the sin - gourmandise - has changed its meaning over the years and is now used to denote a gourmet rather than a glutton.

One of the group's founders is the well-known French chef Paul Bocuse.

Gluttony is the fifth of the seven deadly sins, which were formalised in the 6th Century by Pope Gregory the Great.

The parish priest at the Church of the Lamb of God in eastern Paris, Fr Alain de la Morandais, believes that gourmands are in fact performing an act of worship or thanksgiving to God as they appreciate their food.

"I am a doctor of moral theology, and I think the only real sins are ones of excess. Addiction - for example to drink or to drugs or to cigarettes, that is a sin.

"But these days," he tells me, "the French word gourmandise is understood to mean a gourmet - and a gourmet is someone who savours, who appreciates good food, good wine, and all the flavours that God created."


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26 Sep 2003