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Priest video strikes gold

Sales of the recent Melbourne-produced vocations video Priests 24/7 have far exceeded the distributors' expectations according to director Peter Thomas.

Priests 24/7 uses the "reality TV" fly-on-the-wall technique to follow the lives of two parish priests - Fr Kevin Dillon from St Mary's, Geelong, and Fr Max Vodola, from St Joseph's, Reservoir, in Melbourne.

Peter Thomas, who also heads the Albert Street production house, said orders from parishes and schools for video and DVD copies have so far exceeded 300 copies. He claims the success is equivalent to a gold record in the music industry.

Executive Producer John Santamaria and star Fr Kevin Dillon have appeared on a range of radio and TV programs, including the Bert Newtown Show. Negotiations are underway to secure broadcast time on an Australian TV network.

The priests are portrayed on a variety of roles - as leaders, teachers, counselors, preachers, organizers and celebrants of the sacraments. As men of the people and men of prayer, sustained by both the public prayer of the church and their personal prayer devotions.

Albert Street Productions

Albert Street Productions
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St Mary's Geelong

26 Sep 2003